Welcome to Whisk ‘n Cake!

From our kitchen to yours -- Delivery only! -- We are OPEN!!

About Whisk 'n Cake...

Through our whole adventure, Whiskncake has donated a total of $800 dollars to our local food bank only within 2 summers time! We appreciate all the customers who helped this donation come true by ordering from us through this journey. We hope to inspire others to contribute to their local food as well! We want to give a big thank you to all our family and friends who have been supporting us constantly :)

Catch WhisknCake on the San Antonio Express News website and in paper https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/Teen-sisters-start-bakery-business-16578377.php written by Vincent T. Davis, it was an honor to be in our local paper! 


if you want to order one whole cake or any special whole items, you have to text us in advance. You can find the number to text in our contact and order section.

The people who run this fun at-home- bakery is 16 year old Eliza Abdul (baker and creator), 13 year old Hena Abdul (designer and marketing director) and they recieve help from their parents as well! 

Eliza learned baking from her aunt and has come to love it. Baking holds a special place in her heart and will always be a hobby she enjoys! She is happy to share her home made treats with many others now!

Hena has always had an interest in designing & managing. Building the website & managing the orders play a big role in Whisk 'N Cake. She helps pack the orders & updates the menu. She is thrilled to share her website with others now!